If you’re going out of town you need someone reliable and qualified to keep an eye on your kitties. At Lake Forest Animal Hospital we are experienced in providing compassionate care to all cats, both sick and healthy. Our brand new cat boarding area is in the quietest part of the hospital with lots of natural sunlight and a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere. The cat condos feature separate compartments for litter boxes, keeping kitty’s feeding and sleeping areas pristine. Every condo has a cubby where your pet’s personal belongings can be stored. Each individual condo is linked to five others, enabling us to expand the space as needed and let cats have more room or even share adjacent condos with other cats in your family.

Our staff, many of whom live with their own cats, have lots of experience working with felines and we strive to keep your kitties happy and comfortable while you’re away. We often utilize Feliway pheromones for their soothing effect, as well as treats, cuddles, and toys to make your cat feel at home while they’re with us.

Because we are a hospital, during business hours all boarders are under medical supervision. At drop-off, your pet is briefly examined by a veterinary technician free of charge. We monitor your pet’s appetite and elimination and address any issues promptly. If there is any concern about your pet’s well-being during boarding it is immediately brought to the attention of a veterinarian. Because we have a trained and experienced hospital staff we also offer medical boarding for geriatric and intensive-care pets, like diabetics or pets with heart disease. These pets are monitored regularly by our veterinary technicians, who administer any medications that your high-needs pet may require.

At drop-off, you can indicate that you’d like your pet to receive these Extras:

  • Extra bedding
  • Cuddle time
  • Cuddle with brush
  • Bath and Nail Trim