Included in our hospital renovation was the addition of a dedicated grooming area which allows us to easily bathe cats and dogs of all sizes, from chihuahuas to mastiffs! Our dedicated grooming staff are experienced in their work and animal lovers who treat your pets like their own!

Every bath includes a luxurious scrub down with a scented shampoo followed by a blow-drying and full coat brush-out. A complimentary toe nail trim is included with every bath and you can add on additional grooming options like an ear-cleaning, ear hair plucking, and anal gland expression.

A bath is the perfect addition to the end of your boarding appointment, guaranteeing that your pets are even cleaner going home than they were at dropoff!

For pets with dry or flaky skin, ask us to use a conditioner at no charge. Pets with skin conditions may benefit from a medicated bath- just ask our staff!

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