Call for an Appointment!

At Lake Forest Animal Hospital our staff is trained and experienced in safely trimming the nails of many pets, including dogs, cats, pocket pets, and birds. If you would like your pet’s nails trimmed simply call for an appointment with one of our technicians. For a complimentary nail trim during your exam with the veterinarian just let our staff know! Every bath also includes a free nail trim. You can even request a complimentary toe nail trim during your pet’s anesthetic procedures like surgeries and dental cleanings- this is especially helpful for pets who are normally very anxious during nail trims.

We know that most pets have an aversion to nail trims so we’ll work with your pet to keep them as calm as possible. Our goal is always to minimize stress to your pet while making sure that no one, human or pet, gets injured. If your pet usually requires a muzzle or even a sedative for a nail trim please let our staff know and we can accommodate you. Our number one priority is always safety.

We know that for many adult pets a toe nail trim causes stress or even aggression, while careful training and exposure can teach young pets to sit still. This is why we recommend starting nail trim exposure at a young age and in a soothing environment. If you’re interested in learning to trim your pet’s nails or need advice just ask!